Aug 23, 2012

Producer of 'The Thousandth Man' expressed his thoughts about Eunjung's departure from 'Five Fingers'

Expressing his thoughts about Eunjung's departure from the drama 'Five Fingers', here is producer Kim Taeyeon who tweeted, " To drama producers, issues of production sponsorship, PPL and the likes are no doubt important, but to tamper with the drama's plan for these issues is not the way. A production that succeeds relying on despicable things, is very muddled. Although the production sponsorship for 'The Thousandth Man' is zero ㅠ I will not give up. Money is something that you will have when you work harder".

Mr. Kim is the producer of T-ara Hyomin's drama ' The Thousandth Man' and he is also the CEO of Contents Media Group.

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Source : t-araworld[dot]net

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